Rock climbing for a GCSE student

Rock climbing for a GCSE student

The concept of making rock climbing one of the GCSE sports in not new at all. There is a long history of this syllabus being available for pupils, teachers and schools. At the Slough Climbing Wall, we continuously provide technical support for the scheme and work regularly with schools and private clients to prepare them to this exam. There were multiple problems caused by recent pandemic and the access to many sport venues were limited, but we are happy to see that the interest in GCSE in rock climbing is now rising.

After learning the basic climbing skills, there is a time to try a hard project and for some of the young people, sport climbing becames their favourite regular one.

Slough Climbing Wall

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Montem Ln, SL1 2QG, Slough

Main Climbing Wall is located inside the Ice Arena building, next to the Clip&Climb (please don't be confused)