Climbing Club Kuluar ltd provides indoor and outdoor climbing courses for adults and children.

By participating in our courses you agree with BMC Participation Statement below:

The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

Climbing Club KULUAR ltdTerms & Conditions



a) You can book services using our online booking system. We do not collect any card payment data. The payment process is completed via a secure card payment provider website. You will be notified by our system when you are redirected.

b) In most cases you will receive 2 emails generated by our system. The First is called 'Booking reservation' (to notify you about the starting booking process) and the second email is called 'Booking confirmation' (to notify you about the successful payment). Your booking status remains PENDING in this process and if there would be an interruption during payment outside of our website it will be canceled. We may contact you and offer an alternative payment option to complete your payment. Unless you receive a 'Booking confirmation' email, your booking is not completed and your reservation will be cancelled.

c) To validate your booking you have to register for the course. Registration forms links are published on our website. NO BOOKING IS VALID without submitted PARTICIPATION WAIVER.

d) To book your course you have to pay the course fee according to the price list published on our website

e) We take professional responsibility for the course members within the area of the climbing venue and within the scope of the course and during its time. After the course you must leave the Climbing Centre with no delay.

f) Climbing Club Kuluar Ltd. provides courses independently and does not represent the climbing venue the course is provided in.

g) Course participants will be fully introduced and informed about the centre rules, health & safety and the risk involved in the activity.

h) Non adherence to these rules and instructions provided by the Instructor will increase the likelihood of an incident or accident  and will result in our kind request to leave the climbing centre with no refund. Excluded person MUST immediately leave the Climbing Centre. You can appeal in writing to the Climbing Club Kuluar Ltd if you disagree with the Instructor's decision within 7 days from the date of the course.


a) We will refund your indoor climbing course booking 48 hours before the course commence, less £5.00 (five pounds) administration fee if you decide to cancel it.

b) We offer a free re-booking if you let us know about it 24 hours before the course commences.

c) Climbing Club Kuluar Ltd can only reschedule your canceled booking within a maximum of 30 days after the booking date.

d) Customers can reschedule the booking only one time.


1. You must be 18+ years old.


3. You will be asked to demonstrate basic climbing skills by the Kuluar Climbing Club instructor in a 'competency test'. In case the competency test result is not positive, we will not be able to offer access to the wall as a competent climber.

4. You agree to take full responsibility for your own actions.

5. Competent climbers agree not to: soloing, climb intoxicated, use twin/double ropes or ropes not designed to use in rock climbing, remove existing ropes or anchors, replace or move climbing holds.

6. Competent climber agrees to: use own equipment at own risk, respect others and follow the centre rules and member of staff instructions.

7. Competent climber can teach belaying technique, but can not be belayed by novice, who was not positively verified in the 'competency test' (competent climber can be only belayed by another competent climber)

8. Acting against the member of staff instructions may result in asking to leave the climbing area with no refund.

9. We may ask to verify your competency level at any time, especially if a competent climber was not checking-in or had a long break in participating in climbing and belaying.

10. Climbing Club Kuluar Ltd has duty of care towards all visitors and has the right to interrupt or stop competent climber activity, if there is a reasonable doubt about the safe use of the venue, equipment or unsafe practice. 


1. Juniors may be allowed to climb and belay without direct instructor supervision when qualified as a competent junior climber.

2. Parent or legal guardian must must fill-in the COMPETENT JUNIOR CLIMBER PARTICIPATION WAIVER FORM

3. Climbing Club Kuluar will qualify a junior climber to become a competent junior climber based on the experience, extensive period of time taking regular lessons, participating in courses we provide or attend regular clubs.



a) To book your rock climbing course you MUST register for it (note that it is separate registration for indoor climbing courses)

b) Kuluar is not a tour provider and therefore takes no responsibility for the travel, accommodation or any aspects of the outdoor activity but for providing instruction for rock climbing within the scope of the course only related to rock climbing and within the qualifications of the instructors.

c) Kuluar provides rock climbing course members with information about equipment, health & safety, hazards, environment and specific rules within the area of the course as well as local specification and good practice.

d) Every activity outside the instructors qualifications scope and agreed with the member can be taken only on their own risk.

e) You must pay a booking fee which is included in the full price of the course.

f) Kuluar will provide suggestions about travel and accommodation including all shared costs. If you have chosen this option you must pay the shared costs to provide a bank account or directly to a travel or accommodation provider. If you choose to use your own transport and accommodation Kuluar takes no responsibility for the cost you pay.

g) You must take responsibility for your own insurance and travel documents. Kuluar is fully insured for personal liability within the EU and within the scope of the course provided. 


a) you can cancel your  rock climbing course with full refund up to 30 days before the course commences.

b) Kuluar offers no refund for the course cancellation later.

c) Kuluar can cancel the rock climbing course in a state of necessity offering full refund for course price. Kuluar does not refund any other costs paid for travel and accommodation booking.


a) By participating in the Kuluar rock climbing course you agree to take responsibility for your actions as you might be supervised remotely. All instructions will be provided and explained as well as the risk and hazard involved.

b) Non adherence to the rules and instructions provided by Kuluar Instructor will result in our kind request to leave the course with no refund offered. Participants must leave the immediate area of the rock climbing course at their own cost. You can appeal in writing if you disagree with the Instructor's decision within 7 days from the official end of the course date.


a) Kuluar provides equipment for the course based on the kit list required and participant needs, which will be agreed individually.

b) Kuluar takes responsibility for the equipment provided

c) Kuluar takes no responsibility for the permanent climbing equipment installed by others.

d) Kuluar encourages participants to take their own equipment to the course, but takes no responsibility for any damage caused to it during the course. Kuluar Instructor will visually inspect the provided equipment and advise the participant to use it at their own risk.

Slough Climbing Wall

Operated by Climbing Club Kuluar ltd. Specialists in indoor and outdoor climbing courses for adults and children.


Montem Ln, SL1 2QG, Slough

Main Climbing Wall is located inside the Ice Arena building, next to the Clip&Climb (please don't be confused)