Yoga for climbers at Slough Climbing Wall

5 reasons climbing and yoga are match perfect


The grounding of yoga vs moving away from the ground in climbing, seems two opposing aims, but are they?

Which one am I describing when I say: strength, flexibility, mental strength, and balance? Yes, they clearly have their differences, I am yet to hear the Adam Ondra screams during meditation, but combining these two oppositions, I have found balance.

Climbing may be described as yoga, but on a wall. The high lunges, big stretches, holding positions, mindfulness, concentration and balance are key aspects of both. Letting go of everything in life, to be present and moving your body through different challenges are essential to yoga and climbing. So I have created yoga classes specifically to improve your climbing through these 5 benefits:

  1. Flexibility

All us climbers have been in that frustrating position, where you lift your foot to reach a hold, and you can’t quite there. By stretching specific muscles in a controlled and safe place, you can find your reach extending, and your climbing grade increasing.

  1. Injury Prevention

The worst feeling in climbing is improving and then having to stop due to an injury. Instead of reacting to injuries after they occur, yoga can help prevention through preparing your tendons and muscles for climbing intensity.

  1. Strength

Key to both yoga and climbing is the pursuit to lift your own body weight. Holding unfamiliar postures can strengthen your wrists, core, arms and legs - all vital to ascending that wall.

  1. Breath and Mind

Being present on the wall can help avoid those moments where we rush and fall off climbs. Yoga can help concentration, breathing and overcoming fears.

  1. Balance

Where climbs remove strength and focus on your balance, these can be the biggest challenge. Yoga can improve your balance, so you use your legs more, and avoid those over pumped forearms.

More and more professional climbers are using yoga to access higher grades in their climbing. With social climbing and weekly yoga classes at U-Scale, this could be the perfect way to start or improve your climbing. If you’re a veteran climber or would like to try it for the first time, this is open to all. I hope to see you at one of our yoga classes soon!!




Slough Climbing Wall

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